Here’s Why Canapes Are Your Go-To Delicacies For All Types Of Occasions!

Parties and get-togethers are all about assorted interactions with multiple people at the same occasion. Regardless of the eventual topic of the conversation, food is typically the best place from which to take off. And what better than knick-knacks to munch on while networking with family, friends and colleagues? Presenting everyone’s favorite starter and munchy, canape!
But…why is canape catering a great choice for occasions and parties? Let’s have a look at canape catering in Melbourne and the reasons for its immense popularity:


Concerned that your guests might begin to feel a little jittery out of hunger while the main meal is being prepared? Canapes to the rescue! The nature of canapes ensures it is filling and light at the same time. And that’s why you can arrange for a canape catering to ensure that your guests always have a delightful appetizer to satiate their hunger for the time being until the actual fare arrives!


Contrary to popular belief, canapes can well suffice as standalone main course meals too, considering the elaborate ingredients they typically consist of. Hiring the right canapes catering service ensures that your guests reap the benefits of a wholesome and satisfying meal. Moreover, it also makes sure your guests never run out of variety even if all they consume during the party is canapes!

canape catering in Melbourne


Canapes are those scrumptious meals that appear simple and “bite-sized” but are probably the cutest things you’d come across in your menu. While opting for canapes catering, look for caterers who offer enough variety in terms of the shapes, colours, designs and taste of canapes. Take a look at their canape menus to ensure there are sufficient vegetarian options and delicious sauces to dip the canapes into. The best canape catering helps you achieve the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and quality catering service, not to mention a plethora of canape varieties for your guests to choose from.

The Barbeque Diaries: 3 Reasons Why A Barbeque Night Is A Great Idea

For an Australian soul, there’s barely anything as romantic and satiating as meat getting grilled directly over low heat and the reverberating aroma. Barbeque has always been the most favoured option for rejuvenating on a weekend or a casual get-together with loved ones. But why is this method of cooking so popular and sought after? Let’s have a look at why barbeque is an excellent choice for catering and what the best BBQ catering can do to enliven your party:

BBQ catering


Extravagant parties can be fascinating and a good idea. But sometimes, all we need is a cosy retreat from our mundane lives. And in such cases, BBQ catering is a wonderful alternative!  Slow cooking is not only one of the most delectable party options, but also sustainable and a great choice if you want to settle for a simple and casual party which is equally enjoyable at the same time. BBQ catering at your backyard is cost-effective and rewarding at the same time.


While barbeque may be a simple affair, it is a popular means of celebrating multiple occasions. From housewarming parties and birthdays to weddings and anniversaries and even employee recognition events and business parties, BBQ catering is well-suited for all forms of celebration due to its charm and feasibility.


Yes, there’s science behind the artistic culinary technique of barbeque. It has been found that when the amino acids and sugar present in meat are heated together, they pave the way for an unparalleled burst of flavours, transporting the foodie to a new world! This phenomenon has been termed the Maillard effect.

While opting for a BBQ catering, be sure to take a look at the barbeque menu and ensure that the catering service offers a good variety of sauces to accompany the meal. The best BBQ catering in Melbourne would take every measure to ensure that you enjoy all the advantages of a cosy barbeque party.





Here’s What Goes Into Making A Canape – The Culinary Soul Of Your Parties!

Whoever says the food is just about satiating the taste-buds? Ask someone who makes canapes, for instance, and you’ll understand what we mean! Assembling three totally different layers of ingredients into one bite-sized dish is not a piece of ‘canape’.
So, what’s the secret to preparing a perfect canape that not only satisfies the taste-buds but also gratifies the visual and olfactory senses? Let’s break down the four different layers that comprise a canape, and what an ideal canape catering at Melbourne should offer you:

    The foundation for a strong canape lies in its base, which should be a fine blend of firm and gentle. The most common type of canape base comprises bread in some form – toast, crisp, cracker, toasted brioche or baguette. But if you want to refrigerate your canape to be served later, bread isn’t a good idea as it might turn soggy. In such cases, a vegetable slice (potato, cucumber, beetroot, etc.) is a good alternative.
    This second layer singlehandedly enhances the entire flavour of the canape. What comprises this layer differs with each canape. If you’re looking for a classic meat canape, then beef, pork and lamb are great options. A veggie canape can comprise combinations like broad beans, tomatoes, celery etc. Chicken and prawn are great choices, too.
    This layer ensures that the flavours from the second layer are further enhanced. This layer might be a simple dressing of mayonnaise, Greek yogurt or butter, or a more elaborate one made of hummus, vegetable or meat.
    Your canape’s appearance is just as important as the taste, which is where its garnish comes in. Typical canape garnishes may consist of celery, dill leaves, carrot, thyme sprigs and practically anything that’s visually appealing.


canape catering at Melbourne

Ensure that the canape menu provided by your prospect canape catering service contains options for persons with dietary restrictions and a section reserved for vegetarian delights. Lastly, a complementary tangy sauce is the perfect icing to your canape!

Key Points to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special

Your child’s birthday is in a month. It’s up to you to make it happening, memorable and the best party in your town. Here is the thing about children’s birthdays. An adult party would need a few beers, a simple buffet, and close friends and family.
But a child wants the colors, the crazy, the hype and an overall memorable party which will be the talk of his class. As their parents, you’ll need to brainstorm some great ideas to make this work. Communicate with close ones and find tips to make this event grand.
But most importantly, know what your child wants.

party catering melbourne

1. Treasure Hunts
Organize scavenger or treasure hunts for the kids. Every child in Melbourne loves Easter. Now they can celebrate it twice this year with your help.
Spread around colorful clues, encourage group-formation and communication with adults. These keep the kids busy and help them bond over the shared joy of discovering treasures with friends.
Follow fictional themes such as Harry Potter or Godzilla to make the events more fun. A happy and busy group of children will make the party more enjoyable and successful.
Running around will make the kids hungry, hence informing your party catering service at Melbourne for light snacks will be a good idea.

2. Adults and Kids Area Should be Separate
A child should not feel supervised during a party, especially if they are well-versed with manners. Show them that you trust their instincts.
Before the party begins, set up ground rules for the children to behave. This way, they’ll know what to do during emergencies such as mishaps on during any games or meals.
A fun birthday party with casual supervision and fun will make your child feel like one of the adults with complete permission to enjoy themselves on this special day.

3. Learn About Allergies
Kids can be unaware of their allergies. Speak to their parents about food allergies. Gather enough knowledge and discuss with your food catering company about the proper menu which suits the children.
Eggs, peanuts, shellfish, and milk are common amongst food allergies kids face. With the help of your chosen food catering service in Melbourne, find out delicious substitutes.
For the birthday cake, opt for gluten-free flours and fruit puree or baking powder instead of flour and eggs. If a dish requires soybeans, choose quinoa and lentil for tacos.

4. Proper Equipment
The decoration is a must. Your child deserves his favorite themes on this special day. Speak to your kid to find out their current favorite. If possible, keep it a surprise.
A catering company also allows party equipment to hire around Melbourne. From chairs to decors, a professional party equipment hiring company will provide you with all your needs.
Make a list of your props, and calculate your budget. A party equipment hiring company in Melbourne will discuss your prices and allocate resources for the party.
Setting up the dishes, cutleries, and seats are under the equipment hiring company’s responsibilities. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your child’s happiness on their special day.

How do you Cater for an Event?

Catering for an event is a fun task. For professional execution, you’ll need to keep in mind a few key points.

  • Punctuality, this is a vital point to remember. When you guarantee your catering service to an event, your timing will reflect on how you handle a tight schedule.
  • Communication, you’ll need to listen and speak. A customer-caterer relationship should be at its best during an event. Every change in the menu, decor, etc. requires full concentration on both ends.

Let’s understand this more through an example. One of the challenging events to provide service would be corporate events such as boardroom meeting and annual dinners. Every detail needs perfection through professional handling. Here are the things to remember during corporate events planning.

corporate events

1. Keep a Tab on Common Guests : If you’ve been working for a particular firm’s corporate events, by now some faces have already become known. You might even know their position in the firm or as partners.
The best way to help the firm gain a reputation is by remembering small details of the regular guests. Observe which appetizers and entrees they choose each time.
Plan out menus in the manner where the regular members of the events will feel at home.

2. Know the Invitees : The guest list on every corporate event has a multitude of age groups. The same menu each time might turn out to be mundane for some, resulting in fewer head-counts each time, affecting the firm’s business.

Keep a diverse menu. Going by the modern ways of cooking, there are a few things to remember. Older invitees will ask for lighter appetizers. People within their 40s-50s will be more health-conscious and seek more protein and carbs. Keep similar food items for the fitness freaks. You’ll also have freshers and interns who would look for quick bites. Hence light and flavorful snacks are preferable.

3. The Main Course : However, adventurous your entire menu is, everyone’s eyes are on the main course or entree. You’ll need to deliver your best. Keep in mind that everyone has a different taste and expectation.

Always offer multiple choices for the entree. Chicken Cordon Bleu and miso-glazed salmon for the meat lovers work wonders.

Always keep options open for vegetarians. Spinach and cheese pies, vegan wellington and mushroom risotto are delicious options.

A menu which pleases everyone will help the business and your service gain profit and reputation.

4. Exclusive Menu : Not everyone can digest all kind of ingredients. For example, someone can have a medical reaction to peanuts or lamb-infused dishes. A corporate event caterer needs to note down these details from the management team so everyone can have a safe and happy experience.

You’ll first need to note down allergies and make sure to add a written description to your dishes at the event. There are also guests who avoid meat and other ingredients by religion.

Restrictions on food intake due to health reasons (obesity and sugar) require certain guests to choose food wisely.

If everyone feels satisfied with the meals, it is a win-win for you and the corporate event.

Factors to Consider when Planning a client’s Birthday Menu?

Staying updated with trends while planning a menu for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or a corporate dinner is a necessity. If you are the one leading the kitchen, it is your counsel that your customer will seek, even though they may come in with a clear idea of what they want. Apart from trends, you need to sensitize your staff to the cultural restrictions of different faiths and people to become the best. Additionally, if you are planning a birthday menu, understanding the age group and catering to them is a sure shot recipe for success.

A birthday party catering might sound easy, but it is a challenging task to deliver cuisines and dishes for everyone to enjoy. As a birthday party catering service, here is how you can create a menu for all.

birthday catering melbourne

1. Theme :  Collaborate with your customer to select a theme for the birthday party. Now there are many themes. They can be regarding culture, movies, video games, etc. Select one whose decor, space and food will require minimal time.

For example, a Disney-themed birthday party you can choose pasta from Lady and the Tramp. Go for desserts, beignets from The Princess and the Frogs would be a hit. These dishes fill the kids and adults with happiness and nostalgia. As always, good food makes good memories.

2. Slot Your Time : Start your prepping right after finalizing the event. Hence, you’ll have enough time to shop for goods and experiment with various dishes. You and the customer should always be in contact regarding any change of plans.

If you begin the morning before the event, most of the dishes can reach the venue by time. For quick snacks, marinate the food for flash fry and bake at the parties. Birthdays call for quick bites.

If you’re in charge of serving, carry your cooking equipment to cook up second and third batches.

3. Clear State Your Charges : For birthday parties at Melbourne, people’s choices may range from a grand event to a sombre affair. From pool-side drinks to a never-ending demand of finger-food and candies, the responsibility is yours. Ask for the number of guests invited, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of delivery, and service.

For all this, you and the customer must write up the budget. Be clear about what you are responsible for as a service offering birthday catering in Melbourne – catering the food along, or are you expected to bring the cutlery at an additional cost. However unique the party plan might be, it is up to you to make it clear from the first interaction the cost the customer will incur.

4. Check the Season : Everyone loves an ice cream during summer and warm desserts during winters. Additionally, seasonal fruits and vegetables bring lovely flavors into every dish you create. Fruit salads, Jerk chicken and shrimp pineapple bowls, open-air BBQ, there are so many different catering options you can plan for a successful birthday.

Convince your customers to opt for seasonal cuisines and watch the other guests queuing up at your office. Do not compromise on the quality and freshness in the ingredients you buy or the time taken to create the perfect aromatic and tasty dish.

Changing Wedding Food Budget Hacks From Caterers And Wedding Planners

A dream wedding is not a desire, but a necessity, as the day will remain etched in your memory forever. And what’s better to splurge your special day with delicacies from all over the world. While you to plan the perfect outfits and lines at the altar let the wedding food catering services take charge of feeding your guests. Most importantly, your budget will require you to save up for years to have a dream wedding come true.

A small calculation will show that most of the budget goes into the catering service. Of course, there are a few ways you can cut back on the wedding food catering expenditure. Let’s find out.

best buffet melbourne

Choose a Cake : If possible, go simple on the cake. Yes, it is the centrepiece in every event. But the main focus of a wedding is you and your partner. Most wedding cakes are the overtly-decorative, designer and expensive.

Instead, choose a plain decoration. A 3-tier, single or double flavoured wedding cake will be affordable, a crowd favourite and won’t cost too much.

Lastly, ask your wedding caterer to hand out the slices after the cutting ceremony. This way, everyone gets a piece and of equal sizes.

Destination Wedding : There are Paris and Disneyland, but why go for a clichéd romantic spot when you can make your wedding a quirky one. If you’re looking for an affordable yet memorable destination marriage, opt for Melbourne Australia.

Poet’s Lane, Ultima Function Centre or the RACV city club, any place you choose to host this important day, will be beautiful.

Additionally, you can hire wedding catering at Melbourne at reasonable rates. Wedding caterers of Melbourne are professionally trained to provide you with impeccable service at moment’ notice.

Wine and Dash : Let’s face it, this is 2019, and your friends would want a fun Pina Colada over an expensive bottle of wine. The classic champagne toast would work if you were looking into the 90s themed wedding. Instead, go for an open bar, invite closest friends.

Ask your wedding food catering service to help set up and open bar with small snacks and drinks. Keep a menu of cocktails and watch as the guests enjoy themselves at the bar.

Your friends and close ones will enjoy and can have fun instead of being bored with small formal talks and a glass of wine.

Simple Menu: What will you choose as a wedding guest, a simple helping of Ceasar salad or a carrot cut into a flower? No one’s got time for this. Remember this while planning a menu

A simple buffet of delicious meals is hearty, filling and leaves people with a smile. Discuss with the wedding planner and your catering services at Melbourne to come up with an easy-to-deliver menu.

Finger foods, grilled meat with a side of veggies, pies, you call it. Make the guests feel at home.

A well-planned wedding will feel more special than an unnecessary extravagance, so take the help of a planner and get started.

Carefully Plan your Wedding Event Catering

If you are planning a wedding event then selecting the best catering option for your wedding should be on your priority list as the success of the event will be gauged by the food served. Once you have decided the venue and decorations for the wedding, it is time to sit down with your wedding planner and shortlist the wedding food caterer who can deliver fresh and delicious food to make the event memorable. If you are looking for professional wedding food catering in Melbourne then visit several websites and invite the caterers for a sampling session which will give you fair amount of idea about the quality of food and presentation. Hire the caterer the one who meets your expectations after taking the opinion of your friends and relatives.

party catering Melbourne

While finalizing the wedding party menu take into consideration the likes and dislikes of your regular guests whom you entertain often as they will give you sincere advice on what should be included in the menu. Have separate snacks and main course menus and carefully choose the desserts keeping the children’s interest in mind. Also keep in mind the dietary restrictions of the older guests and guests requiring special meals. If budget is not a constraint then have an elaborate bar menu with different wines and ask the caterer to arrange a separate bar counter with generous cocktail snacks servings. If the caterer is preparing food on site then supervise the preparations personally and ensure that all food items are fresh.

If the wedding celebrations are taking place in a banquet hall then ask the caterer to organize an elaborate buffet spread with separate counters for snacks and main dishes. The seated dinner should include multiple courses with wine serving, appetizers, main course and desserts. Most of the professional caterers in Melbourne also take care of wedding decorations and music so you don’t have to run around different vendors for these arrangements. If you are planning a low key wedding without much pomp and show then you can always look at casual dining options which fit into your budget and you don’t have to overspend on decorations or fancy lighting arrangements. You can invite limited number of guests and tell the caterer to keep the menu simple to bring the cost down.

Full service wedding catering and planning requires big investment and covers all your wedding events like bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, the reception and day-after-brunch. Wedding food caterers in Melbourne assist you in building the perfect complimentary menu with options to meet most budgets. They offer pre-planned wedding menus that include guest favorites or you can customize your own. They also have special dietary selections for those who are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or allergic to certain foods. Professional wedding caterers in Melbourne try to create an unforgettable wedding experience by providing you with freshly prepared gourmet food and signature service.

Hiring a right party venue in Melbourne is crucial to the event’s success

Event planning involves good amount of hard work as you have to take into consideration several factors like venue, catering, decorations, lighting etc. If you are planning to hold a large event like wedding, fashion show, corporate or a musical event then it makes sense to hire an event management firm as it can do all the required effort to organize the event professionally. Professional catering services in Melbourne offer the ancillary services like venue selection which is critical to the event’s success.

bbq catering Melbourne

The first step in planning an event is to choose a venue which can cater to your requirements therefore it is important to ask the event planner to show you multiple venues. Once you shortlist the venue for the event make sure it is available for the dates on which you are planning to hold the event and has sufficient space to accommodate the guests. If the venue of your choice is not available for the date you have requested then you may have to be flexible in choosing a different date for the event.

While negotiating the payment and terms for the selected venue, make sure that the management takes every precaution to ready the venue as per the stipulated time of the event and provides enough space to the caterer for presentation of meals. Some venues allow you to leave your equipment overnight and pick it up the next morning. Your event planner will also need space for decoration and placing musical instruments. Parking space is another important factor you need to consider while short listing the venue as guests don’t feel comfortable parking their vehicles away from the venue.

Check for any hidden costs before signing the contract for hiring the venue which may include security charges, damage liabilities, bar fees, cleaning and other allied charges which the management might levy. Make sure the staff you are dealing with is present on the day of the event as you may need to brief them in advance about the event preparations. Take down their name and contact details for any clarifications you may need during the course of organizing the event.

Also ensure that the venue management allows special decorations which you have planned for the event as some venues in Melbourne do not allow them. The venue you have chosen may or may not provide the seating arrangement therefore work out a seating plan with your caterer in Melbourne and ask him to arrange the furniture for the same. If the event you have planned includes music then you need a good sound system which can be provided at the venue or you can ask your event planner to arrange for it. if you want your event to be a totally private affair then make sure that there are no other parties or events planned at the venue.

A good catering service is vital to the success of any event

The success of any event heavily depends on the quality of food therefore it is always recommended to hire a professional caterer who can deliver fresh, delicious food to win the hearts of the guests. If you compromise on quality of food it can adversely affect the event and generate lot of negative publicity in your social circuit. Good food and beverage service is the lifeline of any party as it generates lot of positive reviews about the event by the attending guests.

wedding food catering Melbourne

Catering is perhaps one of the most vital aspects of event planning as it can make or break an event. Selecting the best catering option for the event should be on your priority list as the success of the event is often gauged by the quality of food served. When you hire an event management firm to organize an event they usually recommend a trusted and reliable caterer and you must take keen interest in personally checking the quality of food. Ask the caterer to give you a presentation and organise a food sampling session before you finalise the party menu and take opinion of your friends and relatives before you sign the catering contract. Hire the caterer only if he meets your expectations.

A good caterer should be aware of and comply with the most up to date food safety laws in their particular state. Caterers work with clients to design a menu and they should be able to persuade a client to substitute an ingredient or change a dish best suited for the event. Recipes may need to be adjusted to cope with food allergies, and cooking methods may have to be altered to conform to religious dietary requirements or personal preferences. A professional caterer has to manage a staff of cooks, servers, cleaners, and dishwashers while ensuring the team is aware of their schedules, serving customs and food safety regulations.

Once you finalise the caterer you can ask him to provide the ancillary services for the event. A good caterer should be able to arrange decorations for the party, flower arrangements, lighting and music. Setting up, running and clearing the dining area all fall under the task of a caterer. Food presentation must be colourful and well organized to impress the guests as well presented food is more appealing to the stomach. The beverage service of the caterer has to be equally good as food service and he should be able to serve wide array of wines and juices as no party is complete without a touch of alcohol. Event planners should always plan to offer several menu choices to ensure that all guests will be pleased with their meal. It is important to find out if any of the guests have a special dietary need so that the catering manager can address those needs prior to the event.

Every event requires meticulous planning whether it is a sit down dinner wedding, birthday party or any other event. Food served at the party plays a vital role in making it a memorable one and guests talk about it long after the event is over.