Hiring a right party venue in Melbourne is crucial to the event’s success

Event planning involves good amount of hard work as you have to take into consideration several factors like venue, catering, decorations, lighting etc. If you are planning to hold a large event like wedding, fashion show, corporate or a musical event then it makes sense to hire an event management firm as it can do all the required effort to organize the event professionally. Professional catering services in Melbourne offer the ancillary services like venue selection which is critical to the event’s success.

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The first step in planning an event is to choose a venue which can cater to your requirements therefore it is important to ask the event planner to show you multiple venues. Once you shortlist the venue for the event make sure it is available for the dates on which you are planning to hold the event and has sufficient space to accommodate the guests. If the venue of your choice is not available for the date you have requested then you may have to be flexible in choosing a different date for the event.

While negotiating the payment and terms for the selected venue, make sure that the management takes every precaution to ready the venue as per the stipulated time of the event and provides enough space to the caterer for presentation of meals. Some venues allow you to leave your equipment overnight and pick it up the next morning. Your event planner will also need space for decoration and placing musical instruments. Parking space is another important factor you need to consider while short listing the venue as guests don’t feel comfortable parking their vehicles away from the venue.

Check for any hidden costs before signing the contract for hiring the venue which may include security charges, damage liabilities, bar fees, cleaning and other allied charges which the management might levy. Make sure the staff you are dealing with is present on the day of the event as you may need to brief them in advance about the event preparations. Take down their name and contact details for any clarifications you may need during the course of organizing the event.

Also ensure that the venue management allows special decorations which you have planned for the event as some venues in Melbourne do not allow them. The venue you have chosen may or may not provide the seating arrangement therefore work out a seating plan with your caterer in Melbourne and ask him to arrange the furniture for the same. If the event you have planned includes music then you need a good sound system which can be provided at the venue or you can ask your event planner to arrange for it. if you want your event to be a totally private affair then make sure that there are no other parties or events planned at the venue.

A good catering service is vital to the success of any event

The success of any event heavily depends on the quality of food therefore it is always recommended to hire a professional caterer who can deliver fresh, delicious food to win the hearts of the guests. If you compromise on quality of food it can adversely affect the event and generate lot of negative publicity in your social circuit. Good food and beverage service is the lifeline of any party as it generates lot of positive reviews about the event by the attending guests.

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Catering is perhaps one of the most vital aspects of event planning as it can make or break an event. Selecting the best catering option for the event should be on your priority list as the success of the event is often gauged by the quality of food served. When you hire an event management firm to organize an event they usually recommend a trusted and reliable caterer and you must take keen interest in personally checking the quality of food. Ask the caterer to give you a presentation and organise a food sampling session before you finalise the party menu and take opinion of your friends and relatives before you sign the catering contract. Hire the caterer only if he meets your expectations.

A good caterer should be aware of and comply with the most up to date food safety laws in their particular state. Caterers work with clients to design a menu and they should be able to persuade a client to substitute an ingredient or change a dish best suited for the event. Recipes may need to be adjusted to cope with food allergies, and cooking methods may have to be altered to conform to religious dietary requirements or personal preferences. A professional caterer has to manage a staff of cooks, servers, cleaners, and dishwashers while ensuring the team is aware of their schedules, serving customs and food safety regulations.

Once you finalise the caterer you can ask him to provide the ancillary services for the event. A good caterer should be able to arrange decorations for the party, flower arrangements, lighting and music. Setting up, running and clearing the dining area all fall under the task of a caterer. Food presentation must be colourful and well organized to impress the guests as well presented food is more appealing to the stomach. The beverage service of the caterer has to be equally good as food service and he should be able to serve wide array of wines and juices as no party is complete without a touch of alcohol. Event planners should always plan to offer several menu choices to ensure that all guests will be pleased with their meal. It is important to find out if any of the guests have a special dietary need so that the catering manager can address those needs prior to the event.

Every event requires meticulous planning whether it is a sit down dinner wedding, birthday party or any other event. Food served at the party plays a vital role in making it a memorable one and guests talk about it long after the event is over.

This is why Companies Are Starting to Offer Lunch and You Should Too

A lot of tech and media companies are starting to offer free food to their employees. The trend is being picked up by a majority of corporations. You might be wondering as to why you should provide food given the current state of the economy.

Isn’t everything already too expensive to add food to the list?

While you are right on your part, offering food for teams is actually beneficial in many ways.

Why is Corporate Catering Becoming Popular?

Let us have a look at why the practice of corporate catering has become so popular.

Employee Engagement

Platforms like Glassdoor have enabled employees to be more aware of their future companies. Millennials are always looking for exciting job perks, and free meals are definitely one of them. If a company offers lunch, then the employees do not have to bother with making food arrangements.

This results in employees that are more happy and engaged. Those who get used to the concept of free lunch are also likely to stay longer with their company. It becomes an attractive facet of your future recruitment drives too. Another way of incorporating free meals is during office parties. There are various vendors that offer party food catering in Melbourne.

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Better Team Bonding

When you offer free lunch for the team, they are bound to eat together and communicate in the process. This helps them bond outside their cubicles and thus improves the overall team performance. You can organize farewell and birthday parties while offering delicious food to your staff members. You may also provide them with food boxes on festivals. Party equipment hires in Melbourne can help in this regard.

Famous companies like Google also offer free food and encourage different departments to eat together. This way, the employees can easily share ideas across the teams, thereby getting a better perspective of their work.

Improving Productivity

You might wonder how free lunch is related to productivity. The answer is simple; giving your employees lunch in the office means less time spent eating outside. Not all offices are located close to restaurants and takeaways. An employee going out to eat for lunch usually spends about an hour including commute and the time spent eating. However, you can cut down this time if the lunch is offered within the office.

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Not to mention happy employees also work with more focus and determination. Moreover, you can also introduce free dinner for those who stay in the office post the office hours. This will not only give the employees free food but will also get you a few extra work hours each day. In case you are organizing parties during the night time, some companies provide dinner party catering in Melbourne. You may get in touch with them and ensure that quality food is served.

Better Employee Health

Employee health affects your business, and this is a fact. Too many sick and unplanned leaves definitely affect the quality of work and hinder timelines. When you offer free lunch to the employees, you definitely get to decide what they eat for five days a week.
People working in the corporate sector seldom think about the repercussions of eating unhealthy food as there is no time to think. Not to mention the scarcity of good food options nearby. When you offer them food that is actually healthy, it reduces their chance of developing illnesses.

Thus, the above reasons make it apparent why you should offer lunch at your firm. Corporate caterers can help you offer good food to your team members. You can also connect with them for special events and festivals as they offer a variety of options for party catering in Melbourne.

How to Use Food and Other Perks to Keep Your Employees Happy?

If you are in charge of managing an office, there must be a horde of question that repeatedly cross your mind, with the foremost consideration being, “Is my staff actually happy and satisfied in this company?” This is a just question to ask because your employees deserve the best at the workplace. While regular pay rise and added incentives have a lot to do with employee satisfaction, offering small perks can be a good way to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about their work. The element of surprise can be used to delight your staff and increase their productivity and efficiency as well.

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Making the Office a Welcome Place

There are numerous creative ways in which you can make a workplace much more favourable and the atmosphere more desirable for the employees. They should feel welcome, inspired, and motivated to put in their best efforts. Having more natural light and greenery in the office really helps keep the staff energised. This also decreases the need of the employees to go out for fresh air.

Apart from that, throwing a dinner party for your staff on a monthly basis is also a superb way to keep them happy. There are various companies that provide excellent party catering in Melbourne. When the food is ordered from outside, employees can save a bit of money and also enjoy the delicacies without pulling your own weight, while bonding with others. Many companies deliver party equipment for hire in Melbourne such as speakers, projectors, screens, etc. to add an extra element of fun to such periodic events.

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Catering Ideas for Cheering Up Your Employees

You do not have to arrange a lavish and luxurious party for making your staff happy. The employees will much more appreciate Pizzas, fruit platters, and different types of sandwiches. You may also choose to offer a glass of wine or beer every Friday or order a nice breakfast on Mondays to motivate staff productivity. You can hire a local caterer for dinner party catering in Melbourne to get started.

Leave Catering to the Professionals

Providing a surprise meal can definitely delight your staff. They deserve to enjoy a nice spread at the event that helps them release their work stress while socialising with fellow employees. By hiring an agency for party catering in Melbourne, you can also enjoy the event and leave the food arrangements with the professionals.

Different Types of Catering Services in Melbourne

An event should entertain the guests and the food should impress. Irrespective of the size of the event, food is the highlight and a great source of excitement for the attending guests.

What are Catering Services?

The services offer trained chefs and other staff to prepare food, cooked to perfection. Catering services, often referred to as caterers, attend to every detail concerning the food, arrangement and other aspects of the party. They have the expertise to cater to wedding receptions, office parties, luncheons, kids’ birthdays and any other event requiring food and drinks. Their ability to dish out multiple cuisines and meet taste restrictions or requirements makes them a necessity.
Catering services take total responsibility of providing, serving and managing the food section but they can also perform other tasks involved in hosting a successful party. They usually send busboys, waiters and waitresses for sit down events to prepare the tables and serve the meals. In case of a more informal event or for parties that have a buffet, they send people to set up chafing dishes, food platters and bowls. These employees are in charge of serving food to the attendees and replenishing the serving dishes. For events in the banquet hall or wedding receptions, the caterers provide a manager that can direct the ancillary employees and wait-staff and hence control various aspects of the grand celebration. Therefore, they can be hired to do a lot more than simply arranging and providing delicious food for the events.

Types of Catering Services–

The popularity of catering services in Melbourne has led to the introduction of various types of catering services that are tailored around specific events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, corporate gatherings and success parties. Among the various catering options available, there are some very popular ones which make frequent appearances in events and parties.

  • One popular option is barbeque catering. As Australians love food fresh from the fire, barbeque catering is renowned for the flame-cooked delights. From tender meat and delicious vegetables to artisan bread and fruit sodas, all packed in one.
  • Another style of service that goes with everything from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and corporate gatherings is the buffet catering. Never out of style, buffet catering allows enough room for customisation and is an excellent way to urge guests to socialize and have fun. Hosts can save considerably as the same amount of food individually served to each guest can cost a lot more.
  • Provide guests’ bite-size delights to snack on canapés catering is the ideal option. This style includes a range of options which also considers food choices for people who may be on dietary restrictions.
  • When it comes to birthday party catering, the intimate nature of such a celebration affords the guest a wide room for customisation with menu, theme, decoration and various other aspects of the party.Birthday Party Catering Melbourne
  • Avail cocktail party catering and trust the caterer with providing innovative cocktail pairings guests can enjoy the camaraderie and some excellent music.
  • For the ones who want to experiment and gift their family and friends a memorable dinner with exotic food from their favourite cuisines, there is the option of the dinner party catering.
  • The option of gourmet catering to delight taste buds with a range of customized options that beautifully blend quality with taste.

Apart from serving delicious food, catering services will make hosting the event easier.

Reasons to hire a catering service

No matter, the type of event, the food catering service can be tailored to unique needs and occasions.

  • Many people still believe they can cater to the event when they are hosting small events. But, they are overwhelmed by the attention to detail and hours of labour required making the event successful.
  • The success of a catering company depends on the satisfaction of the guests and host. Thus, caterers in Melbourne will always strive for excellence in their quality of services.
  • The eclectic tastes of the people are met as memorable, exciting and mouthwatering foods are available for the smallest of events. Choices range from Australian, Greek, Indian, Egyptian, Spanish, Italian, and many more. Meet with the caterer to decide a menu that thrills the taste buds.
  • The healthy competition among caterers helps the diverse communities around Melbourne. It ensures catering services can be availed at terrific price brackets.
  • During the event, the hosts can intermingle with their guests in the knowledge that everything is planned to perfection. The hosts can enjoy the event as much as the guests.

Most catering services also provide additional services such as offering crockery, thus, reaching out to them is essential, but it is equally important to choosing the right one.

Things to consider when hiring a catering service

It is important for guests to enjoy the event, and a full research is a pre-requisite before hiring a catering service.

  • When selecting a catering service, do a background check. A good reference from a reliable source can go a long way in ensuring that the money spent on organising the event is well invested.
  • Most caterers have an online presence and it would be wise to check online reviews before making a decision. Check their website to see pictures of any events they must have organised in the past. Ask them for pictures, references and food tasting before the event.
  • Catering services have various proposal packages for different types of events with projected costs for the clients to review and decide before finalizing their selections.

The range of services provided by catering companies is not limited to food only and they can help organise and manage the entire event.

To Sum Up

Catering services will help gift guests a memorable experience as they savour quality food cooked to perfection. Catering services have various proposal packages for different types of events with projected costs for the clients to review and decide before finalizing their selections. Most catering services are full-service caterers and can handle all aspects of the food which includes the serving it with style and managing the cleaning afterwards.

A Dinner without Fork and Knife: Foods to Try This New Year’s Eve

Why don’t you do something different this year and organize a dinner with finger foods or dishes that don’t need a fork and knife to enjoy? Isn’t that a great idea? You can consider hiring a trusted catering company in Melbourne to help you with it.

Here are nine tried and tasted such delectable foods that can multiply the enjoyment of your guests at your party.

Smoked Salmon Bites

Entertain your guests this new year with the rich and distinct taste of smoked salmon. This delicious delicacy adds to the fun of your party and gives a perfect start to dinner.

Fish Fingers

The charm of fish fingers can never get old. Bake, grill, fry – prepare it any way you want. It’ll only taste delicious. It also gives you an option of choosing any fish of your preference, as long as it’s thick-fleshed.

Spinach-Artichoke Bites

An amazing appetizer that will go so well with cocktails on the New Year’s Eve. Serve it with warm tortilla chips. Your guests will remember this addictive delicacy for a long time.

Beef Wellington

This meaty finger food has its name registered in history. Serve this tasty wrapped fillet of beef and mushrooms to your guests and they’re going to love it totally.

Oven-fried Pickles

These crispy and tangy pickles deliver an awesome flavour punch. Serve it with ranch dressing and your guests will have one more great reason to remember this New Year’s Eve.

Cocktail Meatballs

Meatballs are a great choice for both hosts and guests. This easy-to-prepare dish is a hit at any party and vanishes as soon as it’s brought. Make sure you prepare it in a good quantity.

Jalapeno Cheese Poppers

If you want some great cheesy, crunchy and spicy appetizer for your party, it’s probably Jalapeno Cheese Poppers you’re looking for. You can use the stuffing of your choice.

Antipasto Picks

Your guests can enjoy these delectable nibbles on sticks while mingling with other guests. Antipasto picks are easy to make and can be a great addition to your new year eve’s menu.

Salted Caramel Fondue

It one of the simplest desserts to prepare which doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. Just couple it with crispy, sour apples and its taste will stay not only on the taste buds but also on the memories of your guests.

If this list helps you, all you have to do is look for some good options for catering services in Melbourne and send out an invite to your guests.


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How to Plan Your Corporate Christmas Party

A Christmas party is a great event to celebrate with your colleagues before everyone leaves for the year-end holidays. If you’re planning to organise a corporate Christmas party, here is what you should do.

Planning in advance

To avoid any untoward surprises at the last minute, start planning for the event in advance. Not only will this ensure everything is in place, but it will also save you some buffer to address minor gaps in planning should they arise.

Start with what kind of party you are planning. If it’s a dinner, prepare a list of dinner party catering services in Melbourne to choose from. Confirm how many guests will be there at the dinner and if there are any dietary restrictions you should take note of.

Hiring the caterer

Find out the reviews about the caterer. Check how long have they been in business for and confirm they have the necessary license to operate, especially if your menu includes alcoholic beverages.

You may also want to know if they provide customised services for different events and set-ups like a buffet, standing, sit-down, dinner, wedding, birthdays etc.

Ask the caterer for a food tasting session. After all, it’s the biggest consideration in choosing the caterer. Isn’t it?

Make sure you confirm the payment terms and find out if there are any hidden charges. Also, check with the caterer if the package includes utensils, decoration, staff etc. as well or it’s just the dinner.

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Overseeing catering arrangements

Work with the caterer to finalise the menu i.e. what all the appetisers, main course and dessert will include. If you find it difficult to decide, you can consult the caterer for their suggestions. Decide how the service style and food presentation will be at the event. You really want the entire arrangement to be impressive.

All the while, be on top of the progress of catering operations. And if there are any changes in the event schedule and planning, make sure you update the caterer immediately.

Entertainment and activities

It’s a time to be merry and you want your dinner party to be memorable. Be informal so that your colleagues can come out of work mindset, loosen up a little and celebrate.

Also, some Xmas music, a mime or any other entertainment will keep your guest engaged, and they will enjoy even more. If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional entertainer. If it’s a limitation, you can think of certain activities, music, contests or games where the guests can participate.

Follow these steps to plan your Christmas party, and you can be confident everyone will have a gala time at the event.


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Menu Ideas to Turn Your Christmas Party Amazing

It’s the festive time of the year again! Of course, it also involves a lot of preparations which includes planning Christmas dinner. If you find it feasible, you can consider hiring a trusted catering services provider.

Here are a few menu ideas that will add to the excitement and fun at your party and make it even more memorable for you and your guests.

Cheese platters

Cheese is always a favourite at any party. Not only does a cheese platter make a great snack, but it’s also considered an effective conversation starter. You can check around for the right caterers for cheese platter in Melbourne. This Christmas, say cheese with a style.

Christmas salads

It’s not something which is meant only for your vegetarian friends. Your health-conscious are also going to appreciate you for serving them this healthy dish. And who knows, it may turn out to be a motivation to some of your guests who’re intending to start a healthier lifestyle starting the new year.

Gourmet finger food

You have a wide range of options in this segment. Quick and easy delicacies that don’t require fork and knife can give a chance to your guests to interact while tickling their taste buds. If you’re planning to hire a caterer, explore available options to select the best ones for your party.

Sushi platters

One of the quickest dishes, a sushi platter will never disappoint you and your guests. And your foodie friends will start loving you even more when they find this on your Christmas menu. The good news is that there are several caterers who specialise in sushi platter in Melbourne.

Roast turkey

The holiday season is starting and there can’t be as loud and delicious reminder of this as a roast turkey on your Christmas dinner menu. Add to the charm of your party with juicy and flavourful turkey and rest assured of satisfied taste buds all around.

Try these recipes this Christmas and give all your guests a delectable surprise. There won’t be a lot of things to cherish this Christmas get-together and kick off the year-end vacation so well. All you have to do is find the right catering service.

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Foolproof Ways to Throw a Memorable Party

After inviting all of your family and friends to an event such as a birthday party it’s natural if to feel too much pressure to make it a success. So, if you really want your parties to be memorable then you have to give your guests reasons to talk about it for a long time. Coming up with innovative ideas for an interesting party can be tough if you are not aware of all the options and choices that you have, especially when it comes to food. This is why entrusting a reputed catering service to plan and arrange food for your party is a wise decision.

When you are organising a party making sure of every tiny little detail can be overwhelming. The constraints of time and direction can often cause a mess at the last moment. Delegating the job of arranging and managing the perfect party will allow you to ensure that your guests have an exceptional time at a great party.  Starting from an idyllic venue to an interesting theme and delicious meal, you cannot miss out anything. Some of the ways to ensure that people have a wonderful time at your party involve basic tactics. First of all, ensure that quality is your priority. Choosing quality over quantity will allow you to create a lasting impression on your guests. If instead of having three average welcome drinks, you can have a single exceptional one – your purpose is accomplished and that too with ease.


Experts in the business are aware of what themes will be a standout choice for your party. If you have any suggestions or preferences of your own then it is even better as their guidance can help you materialise your dream arrangement.  Themes should be selected as per the event. If you are opting for birthday party catering Melbourne has many popular themes like Harry Potter or Disney Princesses for kids, or a Game of Thrones or Beach Theme for adults is a good idea.


Apart from birthday catering Melbourne, you can also arrange for a range of activities to keep the guests  engaged and entertained. You can think of a special act by a cartoonist, magician or musician. You can also hire an adult stand-up comedian to spice up the event. Add a Karaoke machine for the adults to indulge. The crucial thing about the success of any party is also a great guest list. If you keep it short, you will have more time to interact with people one on one. It gives you an opportunity to personally see to it that everyone is having fun. And also, the lesser people you have to impress the better it is for you.


Everything about your party has to be simply perfect.  What you can do is be exceptional when it comes to planning for trendy themes, popular dishes, beautiful venues and other additional attractions. There are huge possibilities when it comes to everything you can do at a party and catering services ensure that the options are judiciously exploited.


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Steps You Can Take to Make your Wedding Party Memorable

Your wedding is going to be the most memorable event of your life. It is understandable if you want it to be unforgettable for your family and loved ones too.  The most important thing about a wedding party is to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. It is taken for granted that the bride and groom and their families hosting the party will be busy with organising bridal showers, reception, the speeches, etc. However, for the wedding to be memorable everything should be perfect. It is not possible for the host to be personally attending to each and every guest or look into the smooth operation of the entire event. That is why it is best to entrust the responsibility of organising a wedding party to a wedding event company.


The various aspects of a wedding starting from the food and the music to the theme and the decoration – everything has to be in sync. As they are aware of the popular trends, beautiful venues, interesting themes and dishes that are high on demand, their suggestions can benefit you. Whether you want an afternoon at the church or a sit-down dinner wedding arrangement, the event can be planned as per your choice.  The trick is not to do the planning alone – ensure your mum, best mate or sister is there to help you navigate the hundreds of small and big decisions you need to make.


Another important aspect of any memorable wedding is the experience guests have with the food. There are times when a menu from a wedding people had attended ages ago will be discussed in laudable terms even today. If there’s a particular cuisine you have on your mind, it is best to discuss it with your catering service company about how comfortable they are in organising a menu inspired by your choice. It is best that you ask to taste their samples before finalising. When it comes to wedding food catering Melbourne companies know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Most wedding planners and caterers have all the information provided on their websites, and this will give you a good idea about all the possibilities you can have with food and beverages. Delegating the job to a responsible event, party and catering service can be one of the wisest decisions you make. They have a dedicated team of staffs and members to handle each aspect of the event from planning the venue, flower arrangements, cake tastings to the food and the result is a perfect wedding.


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