Remember these Tips While Hiring a Wedding Food Catering Company the First Time

All the grand wedding preparations come to a naught if the taste and quality of the food is not up to the mark. Hence, it is important to hire a good wedding caterer so that your event becomes an unforgettable gastronomical experience for our guests. If you are looking for wedding food catering services in Melbourne, here are some tips that may help you choose the best.

  1. Narrow your options down: Every area has a good number of wedding caterers. Out of these, you need to shortlist a few. To begin with, you may rely on customer reviews and ratings shared online. It is advisable to not rely on service-providers with a slew of downright positive or negative reviews. Further, ask each caterer about the events they have catered earlier.

  2. Discuss the Menu: Once you have shortlisted a few caterers, discuss the type of menu you would want at the wedding. Gain clarity on the variety of starters, main-course and dessert. Some caterers offer combos, for example, two types of desserts free with buffet package. So, find out if the caterers you have chosen have anything like that to offer, before zeroing in on one. Keep in mind that although wedding caterers offer standard menus, good caterers are flexible enough to include dishes of your choice or at least have the food customised.

  3. Type of Settings: It is important to be clear about the type of settings or meal-styles you would want at the venue. You may choose among plated-dinner or sit-down dinner, buffet where guests can walk along the food-tables and serve themselves and family-style dinner. Depending upon meal-style you choose, numbers of tables, chairs, cutlery and other things required are decided.

  4. Scope of Service: Catering services aren’t limited to just food. Top-notch catering requires personnel who are well-versed with the art of hospitality. Ask the caterer about the number of servers to be present at the event, their experience in working in an event like yours and the person(s) who are going to supervise the event.

  5. Taste to test: Any reputed wedding catering company would allow you to taste food-samples. This helps choose the dishes for starters, main course and desserts. Further, if you don’t like anything, you may request to get it either customised or replaced beforehand.

  6. Special requests: As more and more people are turning health-conscious, there’s a demand for special diet-foods such as vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free etc. If you think any of your guests might include people who follow a special diet, it is a good idea to ask your wedding-caterer if he can provide the same.

  7. Theme-based catering: Many people are choosing to organise theme-based weddings. If yours too is the same, ask your caterer if he is experienced enough to provide services for a theme-based wedding. Remember that the cuisine may differ slightly or even considerably for an event like this.

  8. Ask for references:  Request the caterer to provide references of clients he/she has served recently. Talk to these clients personally to get an idea about the quality of wedding catering services you are going to choose.

Tips for Selecting a Caterer for your Corporate Event

Food is the biggest factor that can make or break any event, and this also stands true for a corporate event. Professional bonding over food might even result in something gainful and even if it is not so, it is anyway important to create an event which leaves a lasting impression on colleagues, juniors and seniors alike. Therefore, selecting the right caterer among so many corporate lunch catering companies in Melbourne should be done cautiously. Read this blog for some handy tips.

corporate lunch catering Melbourne

  1. Ask about Menu: Ask the caterer about the inclusions in the menu. Make sure that the offerings are neither too familiar nor something that nobody even has a clue about on how to eat it. Further, check with them if they can accommodate requests for food prepared for special dietary needs.

  2. Food-Tasting: Any good caterer would allow you to taste the food before you finalise the order. Visit different caterers and set meetings up for tasting the food. Also, take notice of the hygiene around the place and of the people where food is being prepared.

  3. Ask for references: The best catering companies in Melbourne became the best because their clients spread a good word about them. So, ask the caterer for some references of people whom they have catered any corporate events recently. Speak to each reference in person rather than just relying on online reviews.

  4. Know what’s included: Along with food, check with the caterer if they can also provide wait staff, tables, chairs and other equipment. According to the number of guests expected and the existing arrangements at the venue, they should be able to tell you how many extra tables, chairs etc. will be required.

  5. Presentation: Anything tacky can mar even the most delicious of cuisines. So make sure that only quality utensils, plates, cutlery etc. are used to serve food. Though, you may ask for eco-friendly options of the same too.

Advantages of Hiring Catering Services for Corporate Events

Whether you are organising a meeting, a seminar, an annual party or any other corporate event, attendees usually look forward to refreshments. Organising the corporate event is not something that should be left out till the last moment, it is both time and energy consuming. They expect to be offered an exquisite menu with mouth-watering delicacies. Some advantages of hiring catering services for corporate events in Melbourne are discussed below:

1. Saves Time and Cost

A professional corporate caterer will take care of all the catering logistics, thus freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of the event. In addition, the caterer will provide different packages thus saving your cost, which you would otherwise end up outsourcing different packages from different caterers.

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2. Varied Menu

An experienced caterer has expertise in different types of cuisines. They will be able to give your visitors the best culinary experience by providing different types of dishes. From starters to the main course, the caterer will offer a wide variety of tasty dishes.

3. Makes the Event Spectacular

Often, when planning a corporate event, people tend to neglect catering services from the priority list. However, hiring a catering service could enhance the event mood and make your event grand. With well-planned menu, professional preparation and culinary art, your guests will be in for a treat and will leave the event delighted.

4. Showcases Company Image

If you are looking to impress a business client, hiring a reputable corporate caterer will do just that for you. Similarly, if you wish to improve the public image of your company, a corporate event can help you impress the stakeholders. Make arrangements with your caterer to offer excellent menu to impress the attendees.

5. Hassle Free Food Preparation

Whether your corporate event will be attended by hundreds or thousands of people, a catering service will prepare the food of your preference easily. These service providers have invested in all the cooking and catering equipment essentials to make food preparation, cooking and serving easy. Whether you want your food marinated, cooked or baked, a caterer will deliver all these and much more. On the other hand, if you consider in-house food preparation and cooking, it will be more cumbersome compared to catering service.

6. Professional Catering Assistants

You will need to make key decisions such as dishes to be served, type of cuisine, amount of food to be prepared and served, cutlery and presentation style. A reputable catering service provider has the expertise and experience to help make appropriate decisions. They also have professional chefs and staff to ensure catering is done professionally and with a sense of style.

Evidently, hiring a professional catering service provider will take the stress of food preparation from you while ensuring that you impress your guests. If you are looking for a service provider for corporate lunch catering in Melbourne, consider Big Flavours catering service to make your event successful.