Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Party

Very few things are as important as the food you serve at an event. A lot depends on which caterer you eventually opt for. It is the catering service which will shoulder the responsibility of quality, appearance and flavour of the food served at the party. As catering is one of the prime aspects of a great event, the caterer you select will affect your budgetary decision significantly. This can influence your spending on other areas and in short, it’s must be handled carefully. The structure of fee charged by caterers can dramatically vary according to the meals and services they offer. However, most reputed caterers in Melbourne have a standard charge for different catering services. Whether it is an elaborate meal or a conference requiring finger foods and canapé catering Melbourne offers many options.


There are a few ways in which you can ensure that the caterer you are choosing for your event is the right one. Pay attention to your conversations with the caterers. As per expert opinion how responsive and interested the caterers seem while interacting with you provide initial clues about how their performance at the event. Every caterer will claim to offer quality services at the most affordable prices, but only a few selected ones will promptly return emails and calls and be open to new ideas and critiques. This shows how willing the caterer is to meet with the customer’s expectations and that’s commendable. You should look at how competent the caterer is to handle an event like the one you are planning.


Find out if the caterer has previously organised an event like yours. If possible look at the online reviews or client feedback for the company you approach. You can also ask for references and pictures from any event they may have organised in the past. Once you have selected the caterer, it is important to discuss your budget, the date of the event, the kind of theme and cuisine you want. Most caterers provide detailed information on their website about their various services. Finally get a quote from the caterers you are considering and then place your order.


Find the Best Corporate Catering in Melbourne with These Tips

You may be thinking of hiring a corporate event catering for the next annual party for your colleagues in Melbourne. But, there is more to corporate catering than just deciding on the menu. You must follow the below tips to ensure the event is a grant success.


  1. Their menu should meet different communities – Melbourne is a place where people from different cultures and communities work together with bonhomie. When you decide to host a party for your office mates, you have to ensure the catering company can offer menus designed to meet the limitations of diet, religion or cultural backgrounds.
  2. Take their help to decide the number of dishes to be served – How many courses are you planning, because even a buffet can have appetisers, mains and desserts. A best corporate catering will tell you, this is standard – even for the simplest of events less than this is not acceptable. If you want to introduce more, it should be within your budget.
  3. They should prepare enough food – Quantity of each course served should be enough to satiate the palate of every attendee. The company you hire should know the logistics of preparing enough food for a second serve with minimal wastage. An experienced company will know how much to prepare and serve, without causing you any embarrassment.
  4. Flexibility to meet budget restrictions – Every corporate event is limited by a budget. Catering may be the most important part of the event, but the budget needs to take everything else into considerations also. Hence, you have to hire a corporate caterer who is willing to customise their menus to your budgets and the satisfaction of your guests.
  5. Never compromises on quality – Your colleagues deserve the best quality and tastiest food available. The catering service should use quality raw ingredients to prepare the dishes. As much as possible, the company should be using locally grown foods from trusted suppliers should be used to
  6. Read the online reviews – Testimonials and reviews from previous clients give an account of how the corporate catering service you plan to hire managed their affairs. Choose one with the best reviews!


Keeping the above tips in mind will ensure you get the best event catering company in Melbourne.

Catering Services Can Help You Throw a Perfect Birthday Party

Is it that time of the year that calls for celebration? One might as well think that birthdays are not essential once a certain age is reached. But that only happens when someone stops them from being an event worth celebrating. Let’s face it, everyone loves to feel special on their birthdays. And what is better than a birthday party to enjoy the day. One should invest judiciously into this once in a year event. It is a special day and the party needs to reflect that. Birthday parties are best left to the party planners who can offer innovative ideas and suggestions. When it comes to birthday catering Melbourne deserves special mention for the excellent companies it has.


One popular idea for making this day memorable is celebrating it with a bunch of friends and the entire family. One may wish to have live music or other forms of entertainment for the guests. If you want birthday party catering Melbourne companies are known to organize some of the most amazing parties. Here are a list of excellent reasons to opt for birthday party caterings.

  • At a birthday party you basically celebrate the person whose birthday it is. One should be able to enjoy the event to their heart’s content. The host should be able to go around without the concern for food or drinks, getting drunk and spilling drink etc. The responsibility for preparing and serving delicious items are best left to the expert.
  • Birthday party caterings provide more than just food for the host and the guests. It allows one to be the patron of the party to be served in a regal manner. One doesn’t need to have any worries about cooking and serving the guests. On the contrary he/she will be served. The event in its entirety will be planned and set up much ahead of time by professional party caterers. They will be tending to the host’s wants and needs.
  • When one hires a professional birthday party caterer for a birthday party, meals will be pre-arranged for the event. By hiring a caterer, one can plan ahead of time and avoid the annoyance of being an indecisive host. One can also come up with creative themes and a unique menu with the help of the catering service. They can also arrange for entertainment options for the guests and kids.


So we can see that hiring a birthday party catering is a way to make this bash a memorable one. It is the right way to sit back and enjoy both the event and the food.

Modern Food Trends Dominating 2018 Weddings

When it comes to a modern groom or bride, the hunt for trending ideas for a wedding starts early on. One might want to hire such a catering company that has the prowess to integrate the upcoming and progressive trends of the year. Here are a few trends that could inspire your wedding.

• One trend that is basking in the glory of the year is that of brunch food. The thing is that late afternoon or nighttime weddings are more expensive than daytime ones. People are seen doing breakfast for dinner. One can also choose to have a wedding themed around booze breakfast-brunch. You can choose to pick omelets, bloody mary and mimosas. Not only are these items delicious, they are quite inexpensive too. If it is about wedding catering Melbourne companies are truly specialists.

• Fresh food is also one such trend permeating into the popular food culture. People are beginning to prefer more of local and organic food at a wedding. This is especially true in case of vegetables and fruits. This is an innovative way one can give his/her wedding a touch of his/her hometown in the menu.

• One more trend is making its way into the weddings of 2018. The style of food catering Melbourne is becoming popular for is having the cocktail hour integrate more food into it. It is generally done for some kind of display. One might see a bartender muddling with drinks, or a waiter making a guacamole or a chef shucking oysters. This will make the cocktail hour more exciting and would provide food for hungry guests simultaneously.

• Food trucks are quick to go up the popularity ladder in modern weddings. This street trend is being used in modern weddings now more than ever. There is so much variety in these food trucks that a specific selection can represent one and his/her partner’s favorites. Many urban couples are choosing these food trucks so that the culture of their surrounding environment can be highlighted to their guests.

• Themed tables are also increasingly showing up at modern weddings and especially at buffets. Themes can come in different forms with all sorts of quirky and experimental food.

• Comfort is important. Couples at modern weddings are often seen offering comfort food such as burgers, cheese and similar delicacies. A nice way to serve cheese burgers is to serve them in fancy bags, skewers or napkins. The burger is a balance of both worlds and is ideal for those who seek balance.

In conclusion, there is no right and wrong catering menu, it all boils down to your choices – lidesyle and budgets.