Why Big Flavours is Your Go-To Caterer for Any Size Event in Melbourne, Victoria

Big Flavours the best catering service in Melbourne offers everything from cocktail service to full, plated meals. Whatever your event requires, we can supply it. Ask about our fully-customised menus and how we can give you a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will show guests and attendees your personal touch.

What can we bring to your table? Consider these delicious options:

Lighter Options
Having a small soirée or a formal event that requires the most delicate delectable? Consider your options for cocktail party catering in Melbourne. You could choose a local bar or restaurant, with often-questionable quality and head chefs who would probably rather not cook for your sizable crowd — or you could go with the industry professionals at Big Flavours Catering, who are ready and able to meet your finger food challenge. With years of experience in the field and a master head chef who has worked at multiple restaurants and loves the thrill of bringing those big, bold flavours to the Australian masses, you’ll find no finer option for finger food catering in Melbourne.

Whether you want a delicious dessert at the end of your night or simply something savoury to snack on throughout your gathering, we offer cocktail party catering in Melbourne and surrounding areas for weddings, corporate events and much, much more.

Full Service
If you’re looking to cater a more substantial meal for your visitors or guests, choose our full-service options. More than just finger food catering, Melbourne’s Big Flavours Catering offers hearty entrees and sides for everything from small groups to huge crowds, always with the same, dependable and delicious flavours. Choose vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or dairy-free options for your dining pleasure, or select one of our more traditional delights. No matter what you need, we’ve got it in our recipe book.

Want something a little further from the beaten path? We offer delicious bar be que for your backyard festivities or to cater to even formal events with a delicious twist.

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