Cheese & Sushi Platters in Melbourne

Grazing Platters

Minimum 10 people 

Sushi Platter-  $8.50/4-piece pp

Assorted Sushi, wasabi, pickled ginger, aged soy.

Vegetarian platter- $7.90 pp

Served cold
Tomato and basil arancini, grilled vegetables, vegetable terrine, vegetarian frittata, vine ripened tomato salad and bocconcini, marinated olives.

Meat platter- $9.90 pp

Prosciutto, pepperoni, pate champagne, rare roast beef, thyme garlic chicken, cornichons, pickled onions, olives, chutney, croutons.

Cheese platter- $8.90 pp

Local Blue vein cheese, local double brie, aged cheddar, quince paste, homemade chutney, water crackers, fresh and dried fruits, walnuts, buttered croutons.

Tapas- $12.50 pp

Roast veg frittata, tomato and basil Arancini, prosciutto parma, pork and pistachio terrine, manchego cheese, marinated olives, chutney

Dips platter- $7.99 pp

3 Homemade dips, lavoush, veg crudités & toasted Turkish bread.

Fruit platter $5.50 pp

Fresh seasonal fruits, vanilla yoghurt, mint

Scones platter $ 3.50 pp

Plain and fruit scones with strawberry jam and cream

Hot platter $ 9.99 pp

Tomato and basil arancini, veg spring rolls, chicken and brie tart, assorted mini pizza.

Beverage and disposables

Assorted Soft Drinks 1.25 litre $4.0

Aqua Panna Mineral Water 1 litre $5.60

Fresh Juice 2 Litre (orange/apple) $8.50

Disposables, each

Napkins- 0.20 c

Coffee cup- 0.35 c

Knives, fork and spoon- 0.20 c

Dinner plates- 0.35 c

Drinking cup- 0.25 c

All items exclusive of GST.
We require minimum 24-hour notice for all orders.
No cancellation under 24 hours of the event.
No delivery fee for orders over $100 in CBD.
We are able to accommodate dietary requirements on request.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
*Please note hot items leave our kitchen hot however they may only be warm or room temperature when they arrive at the destination.
*In case of unavailability of a product, we will provide a replacement product of either same or higher quality.